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Offset: 19.66mm

Weight: 1,050 kg


The bottom of the steerer tube of any BMX fork is a problem spot. Mostly, the reason is incorrect trimming (load distribution). Depending on the model of the fork, either the welding seams of the dropouts, or the area of the bottom bearing of the headset is a weak point.

To solve this problem, we use a one-piece CNC machined and heat-treated steerer tube on all of our forks. But our experience shows that just a high-quality steerer tube is not enough. Therefore, we put an aluminum spacer in the steerer tube of all of our forks; it evenly distributes the load between the steerer tube and legs, as well as makes this unit harder in general.

Igor chose a very short offset for his fork – only 19.66 mm. An offset like this has two main advantages: firstly, it is front wheel balancing. Getting and maintaining the balance at a short offset is much easier than at a long one. In addition, the base of the bike also gets shorter, and the short base bike is easier to spin. That’s why a set of BES parts becomes the choice of true tech riders. It is difficult to find a frame and fork set that would be “quicker” and “sharper”.

Dimensions 53 × 8 × 20 cm

black, chrome

Fork offset


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