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Wheel weight is the most important weight on a bike, and tire weight is the most important weight on a wheel. It’s all because of the moment of inertia. Without going much into the details: the lighter the tire, the easier it is to perform absolutely anything. The Wolfgrip tire composition includes a race compound — one of the most technologically advanced and expensive rubber compounds on the market. This compound has two main characteristics that distinguish it from other tires: extremely low weight and the highest wear resistance.

Grip is equally important for having a comfortable ride. Thanks to the race compound, the Wolfgrip tire maintains its traction even after the knurling is completely erased. However, it will not be that easy to erase the knurling on our tire.

  • super light street rubber
  • lightweight race compound
  • lightweight anti-puncture layer
  • 110PSI / 7.5 atmospheres
  • scuff bars for grind tricks
  • 2.4″
  • weight with steel cord: 590g
  • weight with Kevlar cord: 590g
Dimensions 55 × 5 × 55 cm
Tire size